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What our playtesters have to say about our game: 

  • Motte - So this is what $66k of student loans went towards....
  • SlimeyPaul - This by far is the worst game I have ever played. Why does the grass follow me? 
  • [Redacted] - I would rather get a cheese grater and grate out my eyes than ever look at this game again. 
  • Jewel - Simp for Philly 

Set inside a game designers bad game, you play as a playtester given the task to help fix this really bad game  and make it actually feel good. Inspired by the works of William Pugh, join the designer of TMPT as he realises its not that hard to add little things to make his game actually half decent.  

Donations: As this project is an ongoing student project, we cannot take any donations or monetise the project. Instead, we ask, if you would like to donate to the project, please donate instead to the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation. If you do, please send me @SeanieMaurice a screenshot of our donation and we will put you in the credits of the game listed as a supporter. Supporting our Australian indigenous community is something we are all passionate about. 

*Disclaimer* This game is in development and due to undergo changes, and updates in the coming months. The current available build is an educational version of the game. 


TMPT - Submission Edition Demo.7z 934 MB

Install instructions

Download file, and unzip to designated location.

Development log


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The 'apply' lever at the end of the waterfall section doesn't seem to move on to the weather section. Have I missed something?

Deleted 3 years ago

The full demo of the game is now available and you can now reach the last section of the Waterfall and finish the demo off :)